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In 2010 the Parish Council adopted our Parish Plan. For Key Issues click on this link.

A group of parishioners have now formed a Steering Group and are in the process of reviewing the Parish Plan and updating it. A questionnaire will be distributed to all households to enable all people resident in our community to contribute to the Plan.

To actively send ideas and thoughts to Group email them to: ewparishplan@gmail.com

More information available on our East and West Worlington website

How did we develop the 2010Plan?

In 2007 the Parish Council agreed to the formation of a Parish Plan and commissioned a Parish Plan Steering Group to carry out this task.

Funding for the project was arranged through the Community Council of Devon.

On 30th October 2007 the steering group ran a very successful drop-in “brain-storming” sessions to identify the issues affecting the parish.

Based on the issues a questionnaire was produced and this was distributed throughout the parish.

  As the problem of housing for local people was high on the agenda a housing needs survey was combined with the questionnaire. The housing needs survey was implemented in conjunction with Colin Savage, North Devon Housing Enabler.
The questionnaire was in three parts:
  • the first part for all householders
  • the second part for all individuals who were 17 years and over (both these parts were anonymous)
  • the third part made available for all individuals wishing to express a need for housing in the parish whether they lived in the parish at the time or not. (This part, which required a name in the response, was sent directly to the North Devon Housing Enabler, who produced a Parish Housing Needs Survey Report.)

At the same time a separate children’s questionnaire was distributed to all those 16 years and under.

The results of the questionnaire were then collated into a draft report which was shared with the community for comment at a public meeting on 10th February 2009. Following this process a final report and plan was produced.

Key Issues

Key issues for the Parish as identified in the plan are:
  • Environment (built & natural)
    • The community showed considerable interest in the protection of wild flowers and wildlife in the Parish.
  • Government, politics and public administration
    • Communications from the Parish Council to the community were not effective.
  • Housing
    • Housing needs raised by the community in the housing survey element of the questionnaire.
  • Information and communication
    • The community showed concern at the poor mobile phone reception and low broadband internet speeds available in parts of the Parish
  • Leisure and culture (& sport)
    • Although in general satisfied with public footpaths and bridleways, the community showed a considerable interest in upgrading existing and seeking new bridleways.
  • Transport and infrastructure
    • The community raised the following concerns: road safety, speeding, road maintenance and car parking in East Worlington.

Parish Clerk: Sue Squire
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Email sue@suesquire.com

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