Emergency Planning

Community Resilience

A Resilient Community is a Prepared Community.

It is better to be prepared than trying to respond in an unplanned and unprepared way should an emergency happen. That is why East Worlington Parish Council are leading on the development and implementation of an Emergency Plan. 

Major community emergencies are rare and the risk assessment for East Worlington identifies major and prolonged snow fall and drifting as the main likely local emergency.

How you can help

 Development of East Worlington Parish Emergency Plan

How you can help

We need people who can offer expertise and equipment.

Medical expertise
Local knowledge
Transport e.g. 4x4 vehicles, tractors, etc.
Heavy plant / lifting gear
Chain saws
Emergency lighting
Blankets / dry clothes
Food supplies
This is not an exhaustive list and you may suggest other items and expertise needed in an emergency.

Why do we have Emergency Planning?

First line of defence in a local emergency will be the town, village or community in which the event takes place. The County Council takes an active interest in encouraging parishes to consider how they would respond to an emergency situation and to document the results in a Community Emergency Plan. Good practice would see the Parish undertaking a risk analysis before undertaking the planning, to establish what are the community hazards and threats likely to impact the particular locality. Emergency Planning would then be undertaken in that context.

Parish Council responsibilities in responding to an emergency are as follows:

  • Undertake local risk assessment
  • Prepare parish/community plan
  • Document resources and key contacts in time of emergency
  • Validate and maintain the plan
  • Enact plan when activation criteria met
Water Hydrants in the Parish

Parish Clerk: Sue Squire
Telephone 01598 710526
Email sue@suesquire.com

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